“I AM because We Are”


“I AM because we are”

We are wired for connection.

Imagine if you were all by yourself in this world. You would not be able to survive alone.

Interdependence allows the strength to support others whilst also focusing on our own personal growth. 

We have a powerful South African Nguni Bantu word that we often make reference to called Ubuntu. This may be translated as “I am because we are” It reflects the narrative of humanity towards others and having care and concern for our “neighbour”

In a global context Imagine a world where we reached a state of interdependence that was for the benefit of all. We all want a better place to live in.

You can contribute to this vision by doing your part with what is within your control. It starts with small steps. Do one small thing today towards that goal.

It doesn’t just make the world better, it makes you better too. This day and definitely every day you can focus on how we come together in a society and help each other. You can contribute to the bigger vision in your personal capacity or through bigger groups and organizations. Do what you can. You will see that we are able to get through together.


During this time of challenges communities have come together to support one another worldwide.

These are some thoughts on how our actions can contribute positively to others:

  • Observe COVID protocols that are specific for your country such as wearing of masks, sanitizing, travel restrictions, social distancing to highlight a few.
  • Support the local service providers who have been hardest hit to help them sustain their businesses.
  • Keep up to date with important information shared by reliable sources so you are mindful of what’s happening around you.
  • Take out the lessons learnt from recent challenges and be more prepared for any other similar issues. In this way you are equipped to help your family and others.
  • Do regular check ins with family, neighbours and friends to see if they are doing okay. This is especially needed for those who have issues with coping due to various factors. This helps to create a sense of belonging.
  • Look for opportunities to make a difference such as donating blood, participating in constructive feedback in community surveys or donating to a cause. There is so much support required locally and globally.


I recently had eye surgery that left me partly incapacitated for a short while as I was unable to leave home to run my regular tasks.

During the recent “unrest” challenges experienced in my province at that same time, my support from family, friends both abroad and closer to home and my neighbours were key to my ease in recovery and my journey through this difficult time.

In reflection I am grateful for the environment of interdependence that showed up so positively for me.


Warm regards



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