Remarkable Reflections on Freedom Today

I read this message on a social media post and it made me pause and reflect. We have both personally and professionally experienced how the pandemic has changed how we work, learn and interact with everything in our lives.
It even became more of a virtual existence. 
One of the most important realizations was what was relevant in life at this time. It was not about the material wealth. 
Despite these concerns and the difficulties faced throughout the pandemic, many people emerged to also show that they’ve managed to find positives in their experiences. 
Whether it’s lifestyle changes to better eating habits, or  people using this time to get “healthier” on many levels there has been a shift.
Quarantine and social distancing was difficult, it’s made us value our relationships. So many have experienced loss of loved ones and are still coming to terms with the void felt within.
The pandemic has made us re-evaluate how we spend our time and re-evaluate our life goals. 
So much to reflect on and acknowledge.
Stay strong as you continue to journey through these times.
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