Envision The Future

A few years back, whilst I was still in the corporate world, I had purchased the Creative Visualization cards created by Shakthi Gawain.
I sometimes shared this with my teams at our meetings for inspiration.
I have used these for my personal  inspiration in my journey forward. 
Today this one popped up for me.

Vision gives us direction, a sense of purpose and a glimpse over our life. This enables us to make our goals become a reality as it guides us on our decisions along the way. In order to understand where we want ourselves to be in life, we must have a clear vision over our life.

In this way life becomes simpler and more meaningful because we have identified what is truly important to us. Our values and aspirations are clearly understood.
Now imagine how powerful this becomes when you look at the bigger picture. 
How does your vision impact the world?
You can make the world a better place through your goals and dreams. 
Stand up for the causes you care about by incorporating this into your life.
Give back to your communities by intentionally including these in your goals. 
Find people to collaborate with on projects that make a difference within your organization or business. 
Enjoy the powerful message in the picture I have shared.

Wishing you much success in the year ahead. 
Together you can do so much to help humanity rise. 

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