It has been weeks of lockdown under the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone now needs to adjust to a new way of living both at home and at work.

Returning to work, continuing to work from home, dealing with financial loss, grieving the loss of a loved one during this time and facing a negative financial impact are some situations that are resulting in different responses from individuals as we move through the change in levels of lockdown.

There is a huge impact on mental and emotional wellness resulting in fear, anxiety, stress, frustration, trepidation and even anger amongst individuals.

Individuals are facing  a stressful experience in environments where precautionary measures must be adhered to during this pandemic.

We now have to face safety protocols as we move through various areas such as mode of transport, entry to place of work, workstation and social distancing with the added impact of temperature testing, wearing masks, completion of medical questionnaires, sanitizing and the washing of hands as required. 

All of this has an uncomfortable impact as individuals need to adjust.

Coping Strategies and Building Resilience will provide support to navigate amidst the uncertain and challenging times.

By acquiring more knowledge and self help techniques they are more confident to manage themselves and their environments as they go on to the new world of living through this pandemic.

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Online course will be Facilitated via ZOOM.